The Challenge Immigration Reform Faces

The Challenge Immigration Reform Faces

Want to know why Immigration Reform is likely to never pass the House this year? Or any year soon?

“Just 40 of the 232 Republicans in the House come from districts that are more than 20 percent Hispanic, and just 16 from districts that are at least one-third Hispanic. At the other end of the spectrum, 142 districts represented by Republicans are less than 10 percent Hispanic. In all, 84 percent of House Republicans represent districts that are 20 percent or less Hispanic.”

Micah Cohen, NYT 

What is good for Republican House members is not good for the GOP or America. Self-interest rules the day for most politicians and the GOP Congress have great incumbent protection districts. Maybe it is time to give some more serious thought to computerized redistricting for Congress, but it would have to be a national undertaking which isn't how it is done. It is a state issue and the GOP just got a stronger hand from the Supreme Court ruling on the Voting Rights Act.

Unfortunately, what I think will happen is continued stalemate with a Democratic President elected in 2016 and perhaps a fully Republican Congress until the GOP changes, the balance of power in Republican states changes or the GOP completely falls aparts.

This is very said for the many immigrants caught in the middle with divided families, difficult futures and very poor quality of life and healthcare opportunities.