Progressive Government or Regressive Government

Progressive Government or Regressive Government

Our Governor is facing a very strong and serious challenge. Senator Durbin has only a single digit lead over one of the most conservative members of the Illinois Senate.  Jan Schakowsky and Kelly Cassidy also have opponents in November.

We absolutely need and are counting on you to help Pat Quinn win this election. We are organizing to canvass every Saturday at 10:00AM and on Sunday at 1:00PM. We are also making phone calls on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 6:00PM to 8:45PM from the campaign office. The office is located at the corner of Greenleaf and Ravenswood. The address is 1774 W. Greenleaf. Any time that you can give is one step closer to victory.


Pat Quinn is working hard every day to protect the working people of Illinois and their families. He embodies the values we all hold dear: insuring an opportunity for a quality and affordable education, building an Illinois economy that promotes job growth, and providing services for senior citizens, those who face health challenges, and those less fortunate than most of us.

His opponent is a billionaire who is throwing money around freely and buying the support from people across the state. Pat Quinn is a regular guy. He doesn't have billions or even millions, but he does have integrity, he has always worked hard for regular folks, and he shares our values on the raising the minimum wage and the right for a woman to choose and obtain birth control medications.

He cannot come close to the spending Bruce Rauner will spend to try and buy the Governor's seat, but he does have us; the volunteers and true believers in progressive government. We must get out there and do the footwork that money cannot buy.

In order to win we have to work hard at reaching out to voters across our ward to produce a very big turnout of 49th Ward voters. Your help is key to producing that huge vote.  Without you it will not happen.

Come join us. Let's make it happen! I will be at the office and expect that I will be seeing you soon. This weekend would be great.