Poison Alert - Protect Your Pets

Poison Alert - Protect Your Pets

Not long ago I sent an email out about City Clerk Susana Mendoza holding a beauty contest for dogs promoting licensing of dogs in Chicago. Today I write regarding a much more serious situation. While beauty contests are fun, poisoning dogs is nothing but serious business. There are reportedly at least 3 deaths of dogs from what is believed to be squirrel poison, (which from a distance looks like ground beef), that is somehow within the reach of dogs in the Rogers Park/49th Ward neighborhood. It has been centered around Touhy and Clark, but caution is strongly advised no matter where you and your dog walk.



In a report from ABC7Chicago, Veterinarian Katie Baldwin said VCA Misener-Holley Animal Hospital hasn't treated any pets sickened by the poison, but the office is fielding plenty of questions.

"The symptoms to look for are pink spots on the gums, dark red little pinpoint spots or splotching which you can see on the abdomen, tummy. Roll them over to see if there is any sign of anything like," Baldwin said. And then, Baldwin said, owners should call their vet immediately.

Please be very careful. We know that your pets life is precious. It would be tragic to lose your pet to such a terrible accident.

Alderman Joe Moore has requested that if you encounter any unusual substances that you please email or call his office. Email can be sent to [email protected] or calls can be directed to (773) 338-5796.

David Fagus
Democratic Committeeman - 49