Judicial Endorsements

Judicial Endorsements

On Monday evening, February 6 the Democratic Party of the 49th Ward held a reception for all of the candidates running for Appellate Court vacancies, for the candidates running countywide for the Circuit Court and for candidates running for the Circuit Court in the 8th Sub-circuit.  The endorsements for the Supreme Court race and for the two 9th Sub-circuit races were previously determined by a vote of the membership on January 23.  They will also be listed below.

The Meet the Judicial Candidates reception provided an opportunity for each member to have one on one conversations with the candidates.  Both the members and the candidates found the format to be very rewarding.  Numerous judicial candidates thanked me for the opportunity to have a fair and real chance to gain our endorsement. There were also several comments regarding the thoughtfulness of the members in asking very good and thought provoking questions.  Our members were impressive in there questioning.

As a follow up to Monday’s event, a group of eleven 49th Ward residents volunteered to serve on a judicial endorsement committee.  Any member was welcome to volunteer and fortunately we had some very thoughtful people join us.

On Saturday, February 11 the committee met.  After 3 hours of discussion, debate and voting the party is happy to put forward the following slate of judicial candidates for the March primary.  Each and every candidate is found “qualified” by the Chicago Bar Association and/or the Chicago Council of Lawyers. Most were found qualified by both.  Also weighed into the decision were the other members of the alliance of bar associations.  Beyond being very well qualified to serve, you will find that the slate is diverse and balanced in every aspect.

The endorsed judicial candidates of the Democratic Party of the 49th Ward for the March 2012 primary are:


1rst District – Fitzgerald Vacancy
Mary Jane Theis


Cahill Vacancy
Mathias William Delort

Coleman Vacancy
Nathaniel Roosevelt Howse, Jr.

Gallagher Vacancy
P. Scott Neville, Jr.

O’Brien Vacancy
Jesse Reyes

Theis Vacancy
Maureen Elizabeth Connors

Tully Vacancy

Terrence J. Lavin


Conlon Vacancy
Stanley Hill, Sr.

Jordan Vacancy
Jean Prendergast Rooney

Kinnaird Vacancy
Erica L. Reddick

Moran Vacancy
Russell W. Hartigan

O’Brien Jr. Vacancy
Cynthia Ramirez

Frossard Vacancy
Diann Karen Marsalek

Pucinski Vacancy
Lorna Ellen Propes

Simmons Jr. Vacancy
Michael A. Forti

Stewart Vacancy
Pamela M. Leeming

Stralka Vacancy
Michael Tully Mullen

Ward Vacancy
Peter J. Vilkellis


Chiola Vacancy

James A. Shapiro

Cole Vacancy
James L. Kaplan

Roy Vacancy
Deborah Jean Gubin

Vacancy A
Laura Liu


Bender Vacancy
Lionel Jean-Baptiste

Epstein Vacancy
Abbey Fishman Romanek