Currently Committeeman Fagus is a member of the Leadership Committee of the Participatory Budgeting process in the 49th Ward and has been a key participant since its inception.  Fagus is also a member of the Rogers Park Business Alliance and is a former member of their Board of Directors, is a voting member of the 49th Ward Zoning and Land Use Advisory Council, and is a life member of the Friends of the Rogers Park Library.

Over the course of his tenure Fagus has served as an advisory board member of the Rogers Park Section 8 Tenants Council, served on the Howard St. C.T.A. station renovation committee, was a member of the Morse Ave. Redevelopment Task Force, served as the chair of the Gale School annex site relocation committee and is a member of the Rogers Park Community Council.

Additionally Fagus has attended CAPS meetings, crime walks, and anti-crime rallies throughout the ward and has participated in numerous activities bringing the community together to fight against crime and violence.