David Fagus, Democratic Committeeman

fagus.jpgDavid Fagus passed December 24, 2014. We are leaving this up until we redesign this website.

David Fagus was born and raised in the 49th Ward and has made a commitment to the Rogers Park/Edgewater community both politically and also reaching well beyond politics and government as a member, contributor and supporter of many community activities. Fagus is living a life dedicated to public service.  In his professional life as a trained health care professional, Fagus chose to serve the medically under-insured and uninsured for more than 20 years serving under five administrations in the Cook County health system.  He has also served the Governor of Illinois utilizing his experience in health acre and finance to begin the process of building the Illinois Health Information Exchange, an electronic medical records system that allows your personal records to safely and securely be available when you allow your doctor to have them.

In his political life, David Fagus was appointed to fill a vacancy in the Democratic Ward Committeeman’s position in 1993, was elected in 1996, and was reelected in 2000 and 2004 and 2008. As the Democratic Ward Committeeman, Fagus has promoted and encouraged people to become part of the Democratic Party of the 49th Ward. His work to broaden the party has shown itself in the membership and the leadership of our local party. The membership of the board of the organization is representative of some of the great diversity of which Rogers Park is so proud.  Fagus is a builder and one who subscribes to the “big tent” theory of involvement that welcomes everyone under the “big tent” of the Democratic Party. He has taken the theory beyond words and shown the action and the leadership to have sponsored well over 100 local meetings encouraging all who come to get involved and to join the Democratic Party.

In the past, Fagus has worked hard to send Jan Schakowsky to Congress, Jessie White to Springfield, Kelly Cassidy and Heather Steans to the state legislature, Larry Suffredin to the Cook County Board, Toni Preckwinkle to the office of County Board President and Dick Durbin, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama to Washington D.C. 

In 2004, when he was still the unknown State Senator from the Southside of Chicago, Fagus took the bold step of endorsing Barack Obama, another progressive Democratic leader, to become the next United States Senator from Illinois. He has served as part of the Dorothy Brown and Toni Preckwinkle transition teams. He shares campaign office space and a political philosophy with his colleague Alderman Joe Moore of the 49th Ward.  But more important than any campaign or candidate he had ever worked for,Fagus committed his organization to helping elect Barack Obama President of the United States.  Going all across the Midwest, Fagus lead the 49th Ward to Iowa, Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio and back to Iowa countless times taking well over 500 volunteers to turn Iowa into a Democratic/Obama win in 2008.

Recently, Committeeman Fagus, working with his fellow Committeemen, held a public meeting and interviewed 22 candidates seeking to fill the vacant State Representative position created by Harry Osterman resigning from his House seat to become Alderman of the 48th Ward.  In a very open and transparent process the committeemen appointed Kelly Cassidy, a stong GLTBQ voice, to complete the balance of the term.  The seat is up for election on March 20, 2012

Knowing that the life of a community extends beyond the voting booth, Fagus has been committed and involved in many community activities serving as a member, board member, contributor or volunteer in countless projects, committees and organizations.  Fagus has been a member of the Leadership Committee of the wildly popular Participatory Budgeting process since its inception, is a member of the Rogers Park Business Alliance and a former member of their Board of Directors, is a voting member of the 49th Ward Zoning and Land Use Advisory Council, was an advisory board member of the Rogers Park Section 8 Tenants Council, served on the Howard St. C.T.A. station renovation committee, is a life member of the Friends of the Rogers Park Library, was a member of the Morse Ave. Redevelopment Task Force and is a member of the Rogers Park Community Council. Additionally, Fagus has attended CAPS meetings, crime walks, and anti-crime rallies throughout the ward and has participated in numerous activities bringing the community together to fight against crime, violence and injustice.

David, who has a Masters degree in Public Administration and a B.A. in political studies, has  lived all across the 49th Ward and now resides on Rogers near the Howard C.T.A. station.