49th Ward Endorsements for the General Election

The Democratic Party of the 49th Ward has made its endorsements for the November 4, 2014 General Election. Endorsements by the 49th Ward Democrats are made by the membership.  Candidates present their credentials and the active members of the organization cast their votes at our endorsement session or on our all-volunteer Judicial Committee. 

In respect to Judges, all of the candidates for Judge are endorsed by the Chicago Bar Association or the Chicago Council of Lawyers. Often times they are endorsed by both.  You can rest comfortably knowing that we have endorsed and recommend excellent judicial candidates.

The list of endorsed candidates can be downloaded and printed.  By law, you can and should take this document into the voting booth.  To download click here.


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Monthly Political Meeting October 20

The November election is just around the corner. How does it look both nationally and in Illinois? Will the Democrats keep the U.S. Senate? Can Pat Quinn and Dick Durbin beat back their multi-millionaire challengers? Hear the insights of a nationally known political strategist and consultant.

Join us Monday, October 20th, 6:30 p.m. (food and refreshments), 7:15 p.m. (meeting), at the 49th Ward Democratic Party Office, 1774 W. Greenleaf (at Ravenswood) for our regular monthly meeting. Noted political insider Peter Giangreco will share his insights on the strengths and challenges confronting the Democrats leading into November's election.


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See Michelle Obama Tuesday 10/7

Michelle Obama is going to be in Chicago for a rally on Tuesday.  She will be at the University of Illinois Chicago Pavilion on Tuesday, October 7, 2014.  The UIC Pavillion is located at 525 S Racine Ave, Chicago, IL 60607.  It is easily accessible by the Blue line train and parking is available.

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Billionaire Bruce or People's Pat?


Billionaire Bruce Rauner vs. Governor Pat Quinn. It is a classic battle and one that has become all too familiar in recent years. It is massive amounts of money from a billionaire candidate and his right wing supporters versus the power of the people.

Are you going to stand at the sidelines and let them buy your state government?  We the People can win, but only if We the People put in the work.

Join us this Saturday, September 27th, 10:00 a.m., at the 49th Ward Democratic Party Headquarters, 1774 W. Greenleaf (at Ravenswood) for another Day of Action. We'll be going door-to-door, talking to Democratic voters and making sure they commit to voting this November.

We'll provide all the coffee, rolls and training you'll need and then we'll divide into pairs and hit the streets! If you can't do door-to-door, we'll have you work the phones. Either way, we can use your help.

If you cannot join us on Saturday, please join us on Sunday, September 28th, at 12:00 Noon for complimentary pizza and soft drinks. We'll gather at the Democratic Party Headquarters to watch the Bears take on the Green Bay Packers and then after the game, we'll hit the streets or work the phones! Please RSVP by replying to this email or calling 773-973-4949, so we know how much pizza to order.

Simply put, we can't win without your help. That's why we are counting on seeing you this weekend. We're looking forward to seeing you this Saturday at 10:00 a.m. and/or Sunday at 12:00 noon.

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Progressive Government or Regressive Government

Our Governor is facing a very strong and serious challenge. Senator Durbin has only a single digit lead over one of the most conservative members of the Illinois Senate.  Jan Schakowsky and Kelly Cassidy also have opponents in November.

We absolutely need and are counting on you to help Pat Quinn win this election. We are organizing to canvass every Saturday at 10:00AM and on Sunday at 1:00PM. We are also making phone calls on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 6:00PM to 8:45PM from the campaign office. The office is located at the corner of Greenleaf and Ravenswood. The address is 1774 W. Greenleaf. Any time that you can give is one step closer to victory.


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Same Day Voter Registration Pilot Project

In the 49th Ward we are fortunate to have Cook County Clerk David Orr as one of our residents.  The state of Illinois has passed into law a same day legislation statue that David's office will implement and administer as prescribed by the law. We are fortunate that David Orr has provided us with with a summary of this law and other legislation contained in HB 105 as follows below.

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Lisa Madigan, Election of the Board, Aldermanic Update

This Monday evening join us as Attorney General Lisa Madigan provides us with an update on her work in the Attorney Generals office and perhaps a little political gossip. We will also be holding elections for the 49th Ward Board of Directors for the party. Nominations are in and if you were eligible to vote in the endorsement session you are eligible to vote to elect Board members.

Democratic Party of the 49th Ward Campaign Office
1774 W. Greenleaf, Chicago, IL 60626
Pizza served at 6:30, Meeting begins at 7:15

Cook County Democratic Party Slates 2014 Candidates

The slate has been chosen and the race begins. The 49th Ward Democratic Party will hold its endorsement session in late January. As the County party moves more towards the voice of the people and away from the rule of bosses I think that this ticket is one of the best that has ever been slated. Our organization will meet with these candidates and make our final decision based on a vote of our membership. If you want to have a vote we will have lots of volunteer opportunities that will qualify you to vote starting in September. It is easy to get involved. Email us at davidfagus@49thward.com.

The following is from the Cook County Democratic Party blog.



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The Challenge Immigration Reform Faces

Want to know why Immigration Reform is likely to never pass the House this year? Or any year soon?

“Just 40 of the 232 Republicans in the House come from districts that are more than 20 percent Hispanic, and just 16 from districts that are at least one-third Hispanic. At the other end of the spectrum, 142 districts represented by Republicans are less than 10 percent Hispanic. In all, 84 percent of House Republicans represent districts that are 20 percent or less Hispanic.”

Micah Cohen, NYT 

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IL House has Ball in its Court for Marriage Equality

To quote my good friend and our outstanding State Senator Heather Steans, “It’s a good day for justice and equal rights.”

In ruling on the Defense of Marriage Act and the California Proposition 8 case it was an historic day for the United States.  When even a conservative Supreme Court can strike down DOMA the future is clear.  Marriage Equality is on the way.  The simple question is, since it has now become a states right matter is how long will it take Illinois to catch up with the rest of the nation’s leaders in this area.

Unfortunately, the decisions don't guarantee anything here in Illinois.   The court's not going to make this easy.  What we have is the continuing political fight over the issue. If gay people want to get married in Illinois, they need to convince the state House of Representatives to pass the bill already passed by the Senate. The Governor is onboard and will sign.

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